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Find the right keywords for your website with a keyword analysis

By identifying the most relevant keywords, you can optimize your website and attract the right audience. We help you clarify the concepts of keyword analysis, current situation analysis, competitive analysis and schema types.

3 Jan



Sarah Liljestrand
Marketing Strategist

Identifying the right keywords for SEO

When it comes to generating organic search hits on your website through search engines like Google, the first step is to find the optimal keywords. Many businesses and website owners often turn to specialized SEO agencies that have access to advanced SEO tools that are directly linked to search engines like Google. In my work, I often meet clients who initially try to guess which keywords best suit their services and send these lists to me for further analysis. My first step is to research statistics that show how many actual searches are made for these specific keywords, especially in the geographical areas they are interested in reaching. Another important aspect is to adapt the language of the website to match the regions or countries being targeted.

Current situation analysis - A valuable start

An important part of the search engine optimization (SEO) process is to perform a thorough current analysis. If the website is already live, I start by conducting a current rank analysis. Through this rank analysis, we can identify the website's current position on Google and also determine which keywords already exist on the website. This analysis gives us valuable information that we can use to make strategic decisions when restructuring the website. It is crucial to retain key entry points and ensure that we do not lose the well-performing rankings on Google. In this way, we can ensure that the website redesign does not jeopardize the successes we have already achieved.

Information on keywords

When extracting data on a keyword, you get the average number of searches in a month that it has generated in the past, whether the keyword is easy or difficult to compete with on the first page of Google, and the most likely search intent when making a search.

Competitive analysis - Understanding your market better

To gain a deeper understanding of the competitive situation and identify potential keyword opportunities, I conduct a competitive analysis. I select up to five competitors who offer similar services to my client and conduct a thorough search analysis of their websites. During this analysis, we review the keywords that we have already selected and that we have identified through the keyword analysis and rank analysis.

We compare these keywords with those that our competitors are using and ranking for. By doing this, we can discover new and exciting keyword opportunities to compete for and at the same time assess whether it is worth investing time and resources in them.The competitive analysis gives us a valuable insight into the dynamic search engine landscape and helps us to adapt our SEO strategy to better meet the competition in the market.

Schema types - The diversity of possibilities for SEO

In today's SEO landscape, there are many more strategic aspects to consider to compete for the first spot on Google than just having a well-optimized landing page. Now we also focus on measuring and maximizing the presence of different SERP Features or Schema Types as it is also called, which include a variety of elements such as video, images, reviews, sitelinks, breadcrumbs, featured snippets, FAQs, recipes, events and much more.

We have the ability to help you improve your presence within these different schema types and to identify which of them are most relevant to your business. By effectively utilizing these different opportunities, you can increase your visibility in search results and reach a wider audience. Our goal is to help you optimize your presence on Google by taking advantage of the diversity of SERP Features and schema types offered today.

Scheme type - Recipe

Which keywords are right for you?

The keywords with the highest search volumes are not always the most appropriate choice when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Choosing the optimal keywords requires careful consideration of several factors. Therefore, it is wise to conduct a professional keyword analysis with the help of an experienced agency that can offer insightful guidance.

When working with clients, we take the time to discuss and evaluate the best options for their specific needs. It's a collaboration where we jointly take into account various factors to make informed keyword decisions. But our efforts don't stop there. Month after month, we continue to monitor, report and analyze the results. We strive to be proactive by constantly suggesting improvements and adjustments to ensure your website performs at the top of the search results. Book a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

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