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Explore the most effective schema types for digital businesses and learn how the right Schema Markup can improve your visibility on Google. Optimize your website today for better search results and increased user engagement.

14 May



Sarah Liljestrand
Marketing Strategist

What are schema types and how do I make it visible on Google?

It is important to structure information in a way that search engines can understand and that web users find useful. Schema Markup is a technique that helps with this by giving search engines (like Google) a better understanding of the content on your website and your potential buyers an easier time understanding what you offer. In this blog post, we explore what schema types are and which types might be most relevant for digital businesses.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup, also known as structured data, is a form of microdata that you add to the HTML code of your web page. It allows search engines to understand the content of the page in more detail, which can improve how your information appears in search results. is an initiative collaborated by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex, which has created a common vocabulary of tags (or schema types) that you can use to mark up your web pages.

Some relevant schema types for companies

You can take advantage of many different schema types to improve your visibility and interaction in search results. Here are some examples:


Ideal for businesses that want to display FAQs directly in search results. This can not only provide more exposure but also directly answer users' questions.

Our customer with the tastiest recipes


Ifyour business shares food recipes, this schema type can help your recipes stand out in search results by including images, ingredients, cooking times and even nutritional information.

Products and services

Fore-commerce companies, this is an indispensable schema type that can display prices, availability, reviews and ratings directly in the search results, which can increase the click-through rate to your page.

Searchable content for images and videos

UsingSchema Markup for images and videos allows search engines to better index these media and display them in relevant visual search results.


Ifyour company organizes or promotes events, the event schedule type can help display important information such as date, time, location and availability of tickets.

Evaluate which types of schedule types are right for you!

The right use of Schema Markup is a strategy that not only improves visibility in search engine results, but also engages users more effectively by providing them with relevant information directly in search results. By choosing the right schema types for your content and business, you can drive more qualified traffic to your website and improve your online presence.

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