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As we enter an exciting new year, we at Atom Agency want to share our plans, successes and expectations for the coming year. We are proud of the progress we have made and look forward to continuing to grow with you.

17 Jan



Daniel Herstedt
Managing Director

Review of the previous year

Last year was a great year for us at Atom Agency , filled with significant successes and important milestones. We had the privilege of welcoming several well-known brands to our clientele. For us, this is a confirmation of the quality of our services and the ability of our team to deliver beyond expectations, even in challenging economic times.

Another proud achievement was the development of a completely new service, tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are very excited to launch this service and are confident that it will bring significant added value to our customers.

New services and offers

This year we are introducing our new service, "Dedicated Consultant". This is a cooperation agreement where we can immerse ourselves in your business through a detailed current situation analysis and a subsequent strategy and market plan. You decide the scope of the consulting hours and the strategic work. With our various package options, we offer fixed pricing for different scopes of marketing services, while placing a strong emphasis on regular strategic meetings.

In addition, we will continue to develop our support portal, based on your feedback through an upcoming user survey. Book a free consultation with us if you are interested in knowing more.

Dedicated consultants working on a mission

Technological progress

As technology evolves, so do we at Atom Agency . We are proud to announce that we are actively embracing new AI tools in our work. These tools represent the cutting edge of today's technology and are tailored to improve and streamline our processes.

These advances allow us to handle larger volumes of projects without compromising on quality. Our goal is to deliver customized solutions that not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations. With these AI-powered tools, we can now deliver results faster, meaning our customers can see tangible progress in shorter timeframes.

Moreover, these technological developments open up new opportunities to explore creative and innovative marketing strategies. We are determined to be at the forefront of exploiting the latest trends and technologies to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Our customer cases

Each client case is a unique example of our custom work. From carefully crafted websites to thoughtful marketing campaigns, each case illustrates our ability to combine creative design with functionality and innovation. These stories highlight our commitment to the success of each project, and how we use our expertise in design and development to create tangible results.

We are confident that these stories will inspire and give a clearer picture of what we can achieve together. Visit our website's customer cases to see what we have achieved with our customers and how we can help you reach your goals.

Industry outlook for 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a vision of the future, but a real factor transforming the business world today. For businesses across the spectrum, this means an opportunity to redefine their processes, from customer service to marketing strategies and product development. AI offers the potential to automate routine tasks, provide deeper insights through data analysis, and create more personalized customer experiences.

At Atom Agency , we understand the importance of this technological change and are here to help your business navigate this new era. Our expertise ranges from integrating AI into existing digital strategies to developing entirely new solutions that harness the power of AI. We offer advice and practical application to ensure your business not only adapts to AI technology, but also maximizes its potential.

Image taken from Atom Agency meeting room

Our team

Daniel, a versatile marketing expert with over 25 years of experience.

Sarah, a data-driven marketing strategist focused on sales.

Julia, A creative UX and web designer with a passion for color and shape.

Karin, A web developer who loves solving complex challenges.

Mårten, a brainstorming Art Director with a focus on brand development.

Hossein, A creative with a focus on brand development via UX/UI & marketing.

Learn more about us and our superpowers!

We look forward to a year of innovation, growth and success. Follow us and be part of our journey and let's create a magical year together!

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Our services

Atom Agency is a full-service marketing agency with digital excellence.

We work on strategy, branddesign, marketing, web and analytics. Contact us for more information - you can easily book a no-obligation meeting in our calendar where you can find out more information.

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