Top 8 web design trends for 2024 - already a reality at Atom Agency

Discover the top 8 web and UX design trends of 2024 that Atom Agency have already implemented. The future starts here.

12 Feb



Daniel Herstedt
Managing Director

From insight to reality: Atom Agency leadership in 2024 design trends

In a world where digital presence is more crucial than ever, we are inundated with hundreds of posts promising to reveal the latest trends in web and UX design. But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? At Atom Agency , we don't just take these insights; we turn them into action. Our website is not only a showcase for our knowledge and creativity, it is also proof of our ability to stay ahead of the curve. In this blog post, we reveal the top 8 web and UX design trends for 2024 - not just as abstract concepts, but as concrete design choices that we have already implemented on our own website.

  1. Bento Grids
  2. Massive typography
  3. Inverted mode (dark mode)
  4. Unconventional scrolling
  5. AI-generated images
  6. Micro-interactions
  7. 3D interactivity
  8. User engagement

Bento Grids

Just as the Japanese food box bento divides the meal into aesthetically pleasing and well-organized compartments, Bento Grids introduces a new way of presenting content on websites. This design approach offers a visually appealing and organized method of displaying content, making it easier for visitors to navigate and appreciate different types of content on the website.

At Atom Agency we have adopted this method to present our selected cases. By using Bento Grid, we highlight different customer projects in a way that balances aesthetics with usability, creating a more inviting and accessible experience for our visitors.

Massive typography

Large and eye-catching typography will take its place as a prominent trend in web design in 2024. Massive typography, far from being a new trend, is expected to continue to grow. Bold, creative fonts will fill screens, driving stories and messages in an unmissable way.

At Atom Agency we fully embrace this trend, which is clearly visible on our homepage and several of our service pages. We use large, scroll-animated typography to not only capture visitors' attention from the moment they land on our page, but also to create a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Inverted mode (dark mode)

Dark mode has evolved into more than just a trend; it is now an integral part of design, responding to user demand for options that better suit the user. In 2024, the use of dark mode takes a step further than just offering black backgrounds. Designers are now exploring a spectrum of dark shades to create impressive gradients and color options, adding a new dimension to websites and making them more appealing.

At Atom Agency we have embraced this innovation by implementing a feature on our homepage that allows users to switch between light and dark mode. This switch not only provides a more personalized experience but also encourages exploration of our content under different visual conditions.

Unconventional scrolling

While vertical navigation has been the norm, we are seeing a rise in non-traditional scrolling that offers a new and interesting way to experience web content. This trend breaks the standard layout and creates a unique user experience by encouraging visitors to explore content sideways, which is perfect for storytelling, portfolios and product displays.

At Atom Agency we have taken this to the next level on our homepage. By incorporating horizontal scrolling, we let the user scroll vertically as usual, but with a twist: when they reach certain selected cases, a horizontal scroll is activated (desktop only). This feature captures the user's attention and encourages deeper engagement with the content.

AI-generated images

The use of AI-generated images stands out as an important trend, as it solves problems of both cost and customization of visual content. These techniques allow designers to quickly create unique, eye-catching images that capture users' attention, which is crucial in a digital world where visual content often outweighs text.

At Atom Agency we have embraced this trend and integrated AI-generated images into our blog to give our posts a unique and customized look. This is particularly noticeable in our latest blog post, where we use AI to create visual content that not only complements the text, but also reinforces the story we want to tell.


Interactive website elements, especially microinteractions, have become increasingly popular and this trend will only continue to be at the heart of responsive web design in 2024. Microinteractions are small but powerful design elements that enhance the user experience by offering instant feedback or a visual reward for specific user actions. These subtle interactions can make huge differences in how users experience and engage with a website.

At Atom Agency we have integrated microinteractions on our Team page, where visitors can interact with the content to discover more about our employees' 'superpowers'. Clicking on Superpowers activates a microinteraction that not only shows more information but also influences the design to make it more clear and engaging. This helps to more deeply engage visitors with our deeper knowledge.

3D interactivity

3D interactivity adds depth, realism and interactivity to user interfaces, using realistic shapes to create a three-dimensional effect that simulates the real world. This trend helps to create a more engaging and memorable user experience, making it an indispensable part of modern web design.

At Atom Agency we have taken 3D interactivity to a new level on our support contract page. By integrating a unique scroll-enabled 3D effect, users control a 3D object - in this case, a laptop that opens up to reveal the login page of our support portal. This impressive effect not only captures visitors' attention, but also encourages them to stay and explore the content more thoroughly.

User engagement

Engaging the visitor in the website's content is crucial to creating a dynamic and interactive experience that not only informs but also involves the user. Allowing visitors to directly influence the content opens up new avenues of engagement and interaction that can inspire and impress potential new customers.

At Atom Agency we have embraced the idea of user engagement by developing a page where we showcase testimonials from our customers. This page takes user engagement one step further by not only displaying existing references, but also by offering visitors the opportunity to leave their own review via a form. When a review is submitted, it is displayed publicly in real time, allowing every visitor to contribute to our site's content. This creates a transparent and vibrant platform where customer feedback becomes a central part of our online presence.


As we see it, the future of web and UX design is not just a matter of following trends. It's about creating them, living them and letting them inspire innovation. At Atom Agency we are proud to not only present these trends but to show how we have already made them part of our digital identity. Our journey continues, and next year there are new trends that we are already exploring ;)

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