Marketing as a Service (MaaS): Getting more out of your marketing efforts

MaaS (Marketing as a Service) offers a solution for modern marketing, combining expertise and flexibility in a cost-effective model. Read more about how it can boost your company's marketing.

27 Feb



Daniel Herstedt
Managing Director

Why MaaS is the solution to the future of marketing

In a world where marketing is constantly changing, companies are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to reach their customers. Here we introduce the concept of MaaS - Marketing as a Service. Inspired by the success of SaaS (Software as a Service), MaaS takes a new approach to marketing by offering it as a service rather than a sporadic consulting hour or project-based work.

Choosing MaaS allows companies to outsource all or part of their marketing to experts dedicated to optimizing and executing strategies that drive growth. It is a solution that offers both scalability and specialization, enabling flexible adaptation to market needs and trends.

MaaS also represents a new era of partnership and collaboration between companies and agencies. By working closely together, they can create and implement strategies tailored to meet specific goals and challenges.

Our MaaS Innovation: Dedicated consultant from Atom Agency

The challenges of maintaining an in-house marketing department can be many, from limited resources to difficulties in keeping up with the latest in marketing. Even in cases where an internal department works well, there are unique advantages to supplementing it with external expertise. Our 'Dedicated Consultant' service is one such innovative Marketing as a Service (MaaS) solution.

Fixed pricing for greater transparency

Our fixed pricing provides a clear overview of costs, making budget planning easier and more predictable. Our different package options allow you to choose a level that best matches your needs and objectives, backed up by regular strategic meetings to ensure we are continuously aligned with your vision.

Strategic partnership for exceptional results

By choosing our "Dedicated Consultant" service, you don't just get access to a team of experienced experts; you get a strategic partner. Your dedicated consultant dives deep into your industry and your company's specific challenges to tailor a marketing strategy that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

Regular communication for dynamic adaptation

Our model is based on open and regular communication. Through continuous meetings, we keep you updated and adapt our strategy based on your feedback and market changes. This approach ensures that your strategy is dynamic, targeted and always one step ahead.

Maximize your marketing with our complete portfolio of services

Our services are designed to give you everything you need to create, implement and optimize your marketing. From strategic planning to creative content and digital presence, we customize our services to match your unique needs and goals.


Our strategic expertise is key to mapping the path to digital success. We analyze, plan and deliver strategies and marketing plans tailored to your unique vision and goals.


Our branding services strengthen your identity and build long-term customer relationships. From logo to graphic profile, we create brands that touch and engage.


Our broad design expertise ranges from digital experiences to printed materials. We create visual stories that capture and communicate your brand's unique values.


Our marketing services include everything from digital advertising to content marketing. We create lots of different types of campaigns that drive engagement and convert visitors into customers.


Discover our web service where we offer everything from sleek, responsive web design to advanced, tailored e-commerce development, ensuring an impressive and effective online presence.


In our analytics business, we collect and interpret data to give you deeper insights on your platforms. We use data to drive decisions and strategies that deliver results.

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Marketing as a Service (MaaS) represents the future of marketing, an era where flexibility, scalability and expertise come together to meet the ongoing needs of businesses. In this spirit, Atom Agency offers 'Dedicated Consultant'. This service is the core of our MaaS offering, designed to give companies access to customized strategies and continuous expertise. b

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