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When it comes to creating and editing content on the web, WordPress has long been a reliable platform. With each new version, it has been refined and made more user-friendly. With the release of WordPress 6.2, a new block editor was introduced that offers interesting changes and improvements.

23 Oct



Karin Flarup

Block-based editing_200D↩

One of the most noticeable changes in WordPress 6.2 is the move to a block-based editing environment. Previously, editing in WordPress was primarily text-based, but now it's much easier to create dynamic pages using blocks. Each element on your website is represented as a block that you can easily move and customize.

Increasing Adaptation with Global Styles_200D↩

With the new editor in WordPress 6.2, we've also added the ability to manage global colors, fonts, and other style elements used throughout your site. This makes it easier to maintain a consistent design across your site and simplifies changing styles. In addition to global styles, each block now also has enhanced customization options. You can easily change background colors, text styles and much more with just a few clicks.

Templates and patterns_200D↩

Through the block editor you can access all templates and template parts on your website. In connection with the release of WordPress 6.3, this part was further structured and at the same time patterns were also introduced in the editor. Patterns are predefined layouts or blocks that you can easily add to a page to build your page layout.

Through the block editor you can easily create templates for different pages and edit them as you wish. Template parts, such as headers and footers, can also be updated easily and globally in the editor.

We were honored to develop the new website for ASEPT with our own specially designed block theme in WordPress. There, we used the block editor to create templates and patterns that the customer could build the desired page layouts with. Here you can read more about the work we did for ASEPT .

Upcoming updates

With theblock editor, there is now much more built into WordPress that reduces the need for external plugins. There is still a lot to be desired and opportunities for improvement for future updates. Editing in the block editor is significantly different from other WordPress functions, and a wish for the future is a better integration of the editor with other WordPress functions.

Before the end of the year, WordPress plans to release its next major update, WordPress 6.4. In the upcoming version, further improvements to the block editor are expected, including a font library that allows users to choose different fonts regardless of the selected theme.

With the block editor, WordPress has made a major improvement effort and it will be exciting to follow the upcoming features that are expected.

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